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The global economy has changed substantially over the last fifty years and over. Many countries including those in Africa have experienced rapid and sustained economic growth that has helped to improve the lives of many of its citizens.

These successes have been driven by a combination of sound economic policies implemented by governments as well as the recognition of the private sector as the key driver of the growth and development process.


However, despite the progress made, poverty and inequality remain a major challenge in many countries particularly in Africa where we have the highest concentration of poverty and inequality.

Social Entrepreneurship is the work of identifying and analyzing a social problem and coming up with solutions that can effectively bring positive social change and improved welfare of the people involved.
In this sense, a social entrepreneur is someone who is able to diagnose a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to effect positive social change.
Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change society for the better.

Whereas a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in terms of profit and return, a social entrepreneur assesses success in terms of the impact he or she has on society.
Social enterprise is a dynamic way of doing business that can transform communities and drive profound and lasting social change.


Loss of public interest in politics, of confidence in government and of belief in the value of the democratic process is a potential danger to the survival of democracy itself. It is usually symptomatic of something seriously wrong with the governmental process and of a widespread sense that people are powerless to change or influence it.

The purpose of establishing WASEN is to stimulate deeper thinking about ways of overcoming the underlying structural causes of poverty and youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa. It will consider policies and actions that are aimed at significantly reducing poverty and youth unemployment in both the short- and long-term.


This basic democratic principle demands that government attends to people's interests equally in its policy and administration, without favour or discrimination.

WASEN aim to provide a source of alternative policies, reforms and a consistent basis for holding governments to account as the need arises. The ‘policy process’ is usually considered to include the following main components:


These may include, for example, policies that promote broad-based economic growth, improve basic services and provide safety nets.

Promoting an enabling political and policy environment as well as ensuring the voices of the poor are heard in policy discussion would be the key aspect WASEN’s pro-poor agenda.

The WASEN Working Groups are in an agreement with various multi-stakeholders spanning from service delivering to good governance related roles, policy and interventions in a wide variety of interrelated themes such as:



WASEN is a civil society membership-led organization, built and controlled by passionate social entrepreneurs. Membership is open to anyone passionate about effecting positive change in Africa and the world in general.
In addition, WASEN is offering members an opportunity to take part in our policy discussions, volunteer in a working group, attend global events and request for advice / information regarding the interrelated themes. Participating members and associates would exclusively access special deals and offers from these interrelated themes.

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