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Vision & Mission

Vision - To served as a working laboratory through which potential social entrepreneurs develop confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, problem-solving, communication and business skills with top business experts to enhance growth and sustainability in their enterprises.

WASEN ensures women and the youth are making high impact in their society and in furtherance provide them with institutional origins, organizational structure, key policies, reforms, and programs to create an environment favourable for economic growth.

WASEN strive to incorporate business elements such as skill at execution, with strong focus on results, and financial might necessary for long-term sustainability. An approach to investing that trades off some financial return in exchange for generating “social returns.”

WASEN is working on some of the most demanding problems of today by adopting the strengths of committed youth, and an eye for identifying what needs to be done on behalf of the needy.

These may include, for example, policies that promote broad-based economic growth, improve basic services and providing safety nets for all.

Mission - By adopting and exploiting the full use of sustainable solutions to propel sub-Saharan Africa to the front of emerging economies’ pack and to position it as a leader, exemplifying a continent and society capable of extracting maximum benefits from its natural resources to build a better society and future for all of its people.
More emphasis is placed on the barriers and challenges that constrain women and the youth of sub-Saharan Africa from maximizing their full potentials and further explore the status of their vital contributions to their respective communities, and in shaping the features of participatory economic development.

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